How cooking has grown on me

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I must say that now I’m a fully capable and confident cook. But it hadn’t been that way about 6 years ago. I’m the type of kid who lived off on my family and my mother’s kitchen. I grabbed what I could and was not choosy, I must add. I…

Paella Pans

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Whether you’re an avid chef, a culinary explorer, or just an adventurous home cook, anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows that the right tool for the job can spell the difference between Mmmmm and meh. Giving you the proper conduction, heat distribution, and proper construction to create a…

Meat Slicers – What Those Fingers!

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Meat slicers are more commonly found in restaurants than in the home- but they can be wonderful to have in your home. There are many choices, whether you’re looking for a commercial meat slicer or one designed for home use, you’re sure to find something that will fit your needs…

Benefits of Cooking With a Pressure Cooker

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What do French Onion soup, pasta casserole, and pulled pork have in common? Besides being delicious, they can all be cooked to perfection using a pressure cooker. Pressure-cooking as been around for a while, and traditional pressure cookers made quite a screeching noise as a warning that dinner was about…